Apple Pandemic

20 Dec

Back before Thanksgiving, I stumbled on a recipe for something called an Apple Pandowdy and I decided to make it for the feast (limited group, well within our bubble). It was incredibly easy to make. The hard part was finding dried apples and puff pastry.

I used to be able to find dried apples and other dehydrated fruits in bulk at most of the stores around. I finally found little containers of them at about the fifth store I checked. Same with the puff pastry. Where they used to be easy to find, I had to search them out before finding some. I am lazy, as I think I have mentioned, I am not going make puff pastry from scratch or dehydrate my apples on my own. I might do either sometime, but not for an experimental dish. It is fortunate that we live in a time and a place where most things can be bought from someone who makes them better and where most store-bought things like these are mostly good.

The picture attached shows the results. It was tasty. I’ll be making another for Christmas. The recipe is from The Takeout. I followed it as written except I substituted Maker’s Mark for the Applejack because I did not have any and forgot to go looking sooner.

We are calling it Apple Pandemic partly for the obvious reason and partly because my wife stumbled over the name once and said ‘pandemic’ instead of ‘pandowdy’. It stuck.