Baking Cast Iron

7 Feb

Spent yesterday afternoon and will spend this afternoon baking most of my cast iron. I borked the square skillet last week cooking on the grill when it got too hot (>700ºF) for too long and most of the seasoning went up in smoke.

Since I was repairing that one, I decided to do them all. There was one cleaning bake (550ºF for 2 hours) for the square skillet and the tiny skillet that does not get used much.

This is the 2nd seasoning bake (350º for 1 hour) for all except the large round. That one is in great shape already and this is the first and only it will need. The others will get at least one more bake.

The giant Dutch Oven (not pictured) will wait for another day. It rarely get used and takes up most of the oven on its own (it is better suited for cooking in a fire pit).