Changes, Again

I guess one post every 10 years is alright, yeah?

When last I left you, I was in a pause between adventures.

Spoilers: The pause ended and a different adventure began. That adventure is over, and now another begins.

Yeah, sorry to leave you hanging. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I’ll give the the short version to catch you up.

After the pause, I joined about 60 folks at this company:

Pillar Technology

Some interesting work with quite a lot of learning about ways to build and support teams developing products ensued. I helped many clients build many products. I helped open a couple of Forges.

Pillar Technology wants the Forge to support Columbus tech innovation -  Columbus Business First

Particularly the one in Des Moines. I also worked on many projects at the Ann Arbor Forge and the Columbus Forge.

The Forge

Des Moines Forge (image credit: Modus Engineering)

Pillar grew to about 400 people doing some cool work in many industries. About 2.5 years ago, Pillar was acquired by this company.

Accenture Logo | The most famous brands and company logos in the world

This part of the adventure had some potential. I helped open a new Forge in Chicago.

Chicago Inno - Accenture Opens mHub Tech Studio to Help Clients Make  Physical Products

Chicago Forge

The Chicago Forge was nestled inside a very cool place called mHub

Pillar Technology


Many interesting things happened and much fun was had. There was, and is, great potential for exciting, interesting work finding much value for great good. It was Mostly Good. Other than the difficulties meshing with a Multinational Corporate Behemoth. Some of the edges were rough and the meshing was not especially smooth.

I decided a short while ago that it was time to move to something other.

So, here we are at a new juncture on the cusp of a new adventure. So, let’s see how this goes.

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