Movies, popcorn and rings?

So all of you that know me, know I LOVE going to the movies. And yes I am also one of those people that MUST have my popcorn with the movie! Anyway, I am just writing this story as a warning to all you popcorn loving movie goers. Rings beware! My family (all 4 of us) had one of those rare family outings to the movies a couple of weeks ago. I know even Butch went along! Of course once there at the theater we split up, girls one way to see “The Secret Life of Bees” and guys went another to see “Eagle Eye”. So we are now in our perspective theaters and ready to indulge. Caitlin and I find great seats and I dig into the yummy buttery popcorn! After a few handfuls I bite down on this obvious metal something with my popcorn. Yuck, weird…I remove it from my mouth and think, “I better put this in my pocket so I can give it to the concession workers or someone to inform them that there was something in my bucket of popcorn” .So I slipped it into my jacket pocket and went on, a little more carefully of course! The movie was great and nothing else suspicious in the bucket. After the movie Caitlin and I are in the lobby waiting for the guys when I remember the metal thing in my pocket. I remove it and show it to Caitlin. She looks at it and says it looks like one of the 2 rings I have been wearing for the past year or so…we examine it more closely…stunned I look down at my hand! Sure enough BOTH rings are missing! Gross!! Where is the other one?? GROSS! Even though I tried to tell myself it must have fallen on the floor, under the popcorn in the bucket, somewhere…I felt a little sick to my stomach for the rest of the day.  That and the mental image I had of myself looking a bit like the COOKIE MONSTER with my popcorn! I know why it is so dark in the theater now!!