Atlanta Poker Bloggers Tour - the Skidoo Event

That was fun. And terrifying. But more fun than terror. The poker was definitely fun. And the terror was all in my head, of course. It’s the same terror I have about going to the mall or the grocery store: People.

These people were friendly, interesting, and fun to be with so my brain settled down after an hour or so. Thanks to 23Skidoo for inviting me and everyone there for making it a good evening.

I think I made up for not playing the hammer in HUC4. Early in the first tournament, weak_player said that for the night the hammer would be called by its original name, The Beer Hand, and when it was dealt it would be time to get a beer. As he was saying this, CC dealt just that hand to me. I took that as a sign from the FSM to make up for past misdeeds. I raised it from early position. Everybody folded and I showed the cards. I stuck with my caffeine free diet coke instead of a beer, but it was still good for a laugh.

Hey, I met a real live scientist who creates glow in the dark fish. Poker is fun and all, but glow in the dark fish, now that is really cool.

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