John Scalzi

I was lead to the books of John Scalzi by a post on the Volokh Conspiracy. I read the Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades and liked them. He ran a special deal for early orders of The Sagan Diary that struck my fancy. I am not usually a collector and not much of a fan boy (not much), but this deal was kind of cool. Today I received my leather bound signed and numbered copy of The Sagan Diary special edition. There on page 94 is my name listed with the other members of the 16th Brigade, Company D who fell in the Third Battle of Provence.

I have also read The Android’s Dream which was also very good. It is not in the same story universe as the books above. It is a ripping good mystery with good guys, bad guys, dame in distress, corrupt government officials, and lots of nifty science.

All of these have been good stories well told, which is about the highest praise I can give.

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