Dookie and Wheatie

I played both the Dookie Limit Razz and the WWdN Lee Jones Special PLO8 Wednesday. That was wacky. I played with SS2 opened to the PLO8 chapter and tried to apply what little I could recall from the 2-7TD chapter to the Razz. Went out 16th (Gigli) in the Dookie and 7th (Gigli-1) in the Wheatie. I missed the Mookie by 5 minutes because I was talking with my daughter trying to pick a movie to watch (we ended up with Howl’s Moving Castle which was pretty good) and forgot to register.

I won’t be able to play Katitude’s Birthday Tournament, but you should go sign up now and play. Happy birthday, Kat.

Mary is not working Friday night for a rare change. She is pretty good about letting me play, but firing up the machine on one of the only Fridays she has been off in a month would be a bad idea. My sister and brother-in-law are coming over for the evening. I will practice my martini mixing skills (Mary loves them Sour Appletinis), whip up some guacamole, and cook some boudin.

So no poker Friday, but good luck to you and see you sometime Saturday most likely.

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