Mmmm boudin. I had forgotten just how much I like these edible (not clickable) links.

During some of his recent work-travels, Brother-in-law found a place that makes and delivers the scrumptious links. He gifted me with 5 pounds when his order came in. It had been a very long time since I had some. Eating it reminds me of weekends in a southeast Texas town near enough to the Louisiana border that it had a strong Cajun influence on everything. We would gather at one house or another with boiled crabs, crawfish, and a 5-gallon pot of gumbo to go with the boudin. Cards were played (poker, rummy, bourre, and some others) with PBR and Pearl fueling the party. Football was watched (it was Texas after all) and fishing trips planned.

OK. Enough of that. It gets all sad right after that and I really don’t want to go there.

Eat some boudin. Hug your kids.

Imported from an old blog. Some links might be dead. Let me know if you find dead links.