College of the Ozarks

There should be more colleges like this College of the Ozarks. The students pay their tuition by working hours at jobs on campus instead of paying cash. As they move up the grades they tend to get campus jobs that are in their field of study if possible. They have to pay for books and dorm fees, but the tuition is all paid by hours on the job. While we were there over the Memorial Day weekend, there were a number of students working at the two hotels on on the grounds. The Niece said they were able to work the holidays to either fill in for hours they were short or to get ahead on hours needed for the next term.

The niece attends there. Her mother and father got their degrees there, met there, and married in the chapel on campus. The niece wanted to book the chapel, but conflicts with the new inlaw’s religious affiliations caused issues with that.

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