Holiday Break

The first week of vacation has blasted past.

Friday last, Caitlin performed at her first piano recital and showed an abundance of talent, if this doting parent is allowed to dote with linkage.

Saturday was spent avoiding live shopping, trucking the youngsters around, and then the APBT II with Skidoo.

Sunday we slept very, very late. Then we trucked the youngsters around and I avoided live shopping some more. There was some house cleaning going on in there somewhere, too.

Monday and Tuesday flashed past with my honey-do list growing faster than it was shrinking. My ideas of mixing many parts relaxation with a few parts list reduction have collided with Mary’s expectations of greater list reduction.

I don’t remember Wednesday, but it looks like all the laundry is caught up. Which is a major feat for this house.

Thursday started slow because my old friend Mike Graine dropped by for a visit early in the day. I got that under control by late evening. I played some poker with good results for a change; nothing big, but satisfying results anyway.

Friday was mostly lazy with some planning for the weekend and next week’s trip. Mary and I managed to get away by ourselves for a couple of nice hours before she had to head off to work. The boy and I gutted and chopped some pumpkins that will be pies by Sunday. A few small items got knocked of The List, but a few other small ones were added so net List Change was near zero.

All in all the week has been just what I wanted. I had some time to knock some stuff off The List, I had a good bit of resting, a good bit of playing with the kids, and some time alone with Mary.

All this is important preparation for the next two weeks. This weekend I will be trying as hard as I can to stay out of Mary’s way as she frantically tries to finish the last of the christmas shopping. There are a couple of gatherings over the weekend and the first of the week that will be fun. Then we will finally get the the kid’s big day out of the way.

Then we are driving to east Texas to visit Mary’s family, try to catch up with my favorite aunt from my father’s family, and let the kids have second christmas. Mary’s clan is a fun bunch. This time the gathering will draw a crowd from Missouri and Corpus Christi as well as Atlanta. A trip out there is always worth the ride.

Then a drive back and a weekend to catch my breath before jumping back into work.

End of ramble.

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