As we were riding along on the way home, Co-Pilot Nelson was playing some game on his DS where he needed to speak to the thing. So he is saying, “Palm Tree. Palm Tree! PAAALMMMM TTTTRREEEE! palm tree” In as many variations as he could to try to get the thing to accept his input. I guessed that the road noise, the sound of the CD playing, and some of the noise from the back seat where the girls were laughing the butts off over some movie might be getting in the way.

I turned off the music to help. There was nothing I could do about the road really. We decided to try having him cover his head with his jacket and try again. He repeated the whole performance from inside an orange Psyche Ward hoodie with no change. He held it up and I shouted at it a few times to see if my voice made any difference. No luck. I told him we needed to build a Cone of Silence for him to play that game in the car. He was kind enough to laugh while clearly not getting the reference.

I have no clue what game he was playing and he had no clue what old show I was talking about, but we were having fun driving along shouting at that little gizmo.

A few minutes later he let me know he figured the game out and we didn’t need to be shouting at the screen at all. He just had to write the number of palm trees that he needed on the screen instead. That was worth another five minutes of laughs.

It’s good to have a Copilot on a 14-hour drive.

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