Snow in ATL

It is snowing again in Atlanta. I am not sure whether to call this the second snow of the season or the second day of the the first snow since the other day of snow was only two days ago. Either way, this is about enough for me. The light blanket of snow Wednesday evening was enough to cause the some problem down the road that shut the power off for an hour around 10pm. Today’s snow looks to be somewhat heavier so there is no telling what kind of damage we are in for.

I wish I had a decent camera I could set up in front yard and take a time lapse of the snow accumulation and melting. Then you guys could see just how brief real winter weather is in this area. Of course then I would need a tripod that could stand the job. And then maybe some other gear. Hmmm. Might have to wait. Nelson got pretty excited over some of my uncle’s camera gear on our christmas break. I might be able to get him started in a photography hobby that I can borrow gear from. It is easier for me to budget gear for the kids and then borrow it, than it is to just get it for myself.

Mary and Nelson are in Charlotte, NC for a cheer competition. They will probably see the same type of weather. I wonder if she remembered to take her little camera. That’s the main problem she has with cameras. Forgetting to charge the battery, take the camera, or get the camera out of her purse to take pictures. I’ll send her a message later to remind her to get it out.

Today is Caitlin’s 17th birthday and she opted for not making that trip and being forced to endure a weekend surrounded by masses of cheerleaders. I get no joy out of those gatherings other than watching Nelson show that his hard work pay off (and the others, but you know I am somewhat focused) . When I cannot get out of going, I do what I can to avoid all the crowds until Nelson’s team performs and then I vanish again.

Caitlin and I will be doing pretty much whatever she wants to do. Which is easy on me, because she is as quiet and hermit like as I am. My sister is taking her for Pedi- and Mani- cures today. I have offered movies and meals wherever she wants, shopping trips (a safe call -trust me it would be book stores or pet stores, but not likely a mall ), or whatever else. So far she has chosen Doctor Who, Buffy, and sitting in front of the computers. That’s fine with me, but anything else she wants to do is good as well.

Snow is still drifting down. The yards are all white, but the roads in the neighborhood are still clear. Time for some hot chocolate, I think.

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