My name is Butch and I am a Woot-a-Holic. There’s a Woot-Off today. Dozens of offers instead of the usual one-a-day deals. They have a twitter feeds that keep you up-to-date on the items for the daily events and the woot-off-events. My addiction just won’t let me NOT follow those feeds.

But I do have some techniques for fighting it. I always check the prices for the items that they are selling. I used to just do a Google search or go to Amazon to check the price there. That was usually good enough. The Google search would always turn up lots of links with information about the item along with some links about places selling it. Amazon usually has the the items or at least a partner store that is selling, but that is sometimes the only price for it.

Lately I have been using ShopWiki. This is a site focused on finding stores that sell items. It gives up prices and locations that have the goods in a clean format. If you are looking for jewelry and watches or the latest item from the woot off (Butterfly 8 Bottle Wine Rack), it will give a list of stores, prices, and recommendations. I used it yesterday to check the prices on an Eton FR1000 radio, and last month on butter keepers. Last week I used it to check the prices on Cuisinart Contour pots (not even a woot deal). Uh, Oh. This might be getting as bad as woot itself.

Going off on this research run gives me time to distract from the buying urge. That’s usually enough to ease it off and save some money. If not then I have the research in hand and can tell whether I am getting a good deal or not. That can knock a few of the sales off the list. Either way, I am saving money by getting a good deal or not buying a deal that isn’t good.

And I always (well almost always) get Mary’s permission to buy something. If she says yes, or even just hesitates a little, then I click the I WANT THIS, button and it is bought. If she knocks me out of my chair and pulls the plug on the computer, then I guess that’s something I wasn’t meant to buy.

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