I am Such a Slacker!!

I know,I know I never spend enough time on here! But I am here today! Not for long but long enough to Blog in GREEN…in honor of Earth Day! And I also I just wanted to let others share in my pain. I have created another monster by allowing my once quiet, sweet, innocent little girl read the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. She wont stop…she finished the first three books in less then a week! The good news is that she walks around the house now laughing out loud, just thinking about what is happening in the books! They are great fun to read! The bad part is…just don’t try to talk to her or have the gall to think she can get something else done. House work, school work…who needs that! Anyway, it is time to haul the devil brother off to the torture palace, TNT (his new cheer and tumbling gym!)

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