WOW I can neglect a blog!!

Well Hello!
It seems I have forgotten that I started a blog! Either that or life is not that interesting!! Which do you think? Ok you are right, I forgot! Because life has been fun these past 2 years that I have neglected to post.
Just to hit some highlights…Caitlin has finished high school and started college, Caitlin and Alex flew the coop and visited Europe last spring, Butch and I took a trip to Vegas and Nelson has grown 2 feet!!
I am still working nights as a doula. Babies are great, I love my job. But the wacky sleep schedule seems to catching up with me these days. And it has spilled over to affect Nelson’s sleep schedule as well. He is messed up!! Big time!! The past 2 years of cheer have been great. He has cheered with TNT Allstars for the past 2 years and loved it. Not sure what is in store for him this year. We are in limbo as to what he will do, he is thinking about taking the year off cheer to get back into swim. We will see…
I am still doing horse shows and G.S. day camp. (this is much to my dismay at times!!) I am not saying it is my last year this time though, I say that every year and here I am…
If I don’t say it this year, maybe I will do better to give it up!! Time will tell. And in that time I will practice, No, No, No. nooooo!!
Also new to my life is my wonderful new laptop! My Macbook Air! The best ever, even though everybody advised against it!! I LOVE it!! And Facebook!!! I LOVE it too!! It has made it so nice to keep in touch with family and friends! Not to mention the games!! I am addicted!!
Well, that is my blog post for now! I hope to stay in touch this time. No promises but surely it wont be another 2 years!! :)

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