Full Tilt 26k Guaranteed

This will be a boring post. I have decided to play the $26k Guaranteed at Full Tilt for $26 of my very few dollars. I am going to write it up as I go more or less.

Update: It got interesting. The short story is that I got 3rd.

1135 players. Prize pool is $27,240
180 Paid.
1 = 5k
2 = 3k
3= 2k
6 = 926
15 = 247
36 = 100
81 = 54
180 = 35

40 hands in. Playing nothing. Limping a few times. Bleeding. I must be playing way too tight.

M=12. QJo. Two limpers in front. Chicken out. Flop comes QJx two clubs. River is another Q. feck.

60 hands in. table change.

80 hands in. 100/200 1860 KQ Board: [2c Th 9d 9s Js] Called in two places. New Stack 5760.

Three hands latter TT. Bet 600 all fold.

94 hands in. 120/240/25. 275 remaining. I am 130th.

77 all in. All fold. 6025 stack. M=10.

150/300/25. 5565. 261 remaining.

A7o in the cutoff. All in. all fold. 6165.

KQ. all in. 6265. ll fold 6935.

Next hand. KK. All in. Called by AJo. I win. 13825. m=20. 20th of 245.

New table.

39o. Fold.
T3o. Fold.
K4o. Fold.
T6o (BB) Fold to a raise from early.
K3o (SB) Folded to me. Raise to 900. BB Folds.

2nd Break. 13875. 23rd of 223.
Largest 27,905
Average 7,634
Smallest 290

200/400/50. M=13.

J4o on the button. fold to raise.
QJo in the cutoff. folded to me. Raise 3xBB. all fold.
48d. fold
A8o. fold to 4xBB raise.
A4o. fold.
K7s. Fold.

A guy with a 13k Stack raised allin with 99 called by 5k stack with QT. Flop comes TTQ.

39o. fold.
35o (BB). Given a walk.
58o (SB) fold to 4k all in.
T4h. Fold to min raise.
K5o. Fold.
Radiohead’s Optimisitic is playing on the music channel.
34o. Fold.
Q6s. Fold.
The stacks at the table starting with me and going left:
14725, 2445, 12k, 11k, 13k, 5k, 17k, 31k, 4k

2Th. Fold.
new table
new stacks. 14k, 11k,8k, 25k, 6k, 8k, 8k, 14k, 29k
250/500/50. 30 of 187.
T2s. Fold.
89o. Fold to 2700 raise from 25k stack.
30 of 181.
Q6s. Fold.
33 of 180.
65o. Fold.
Q2o. Fold.
75o (BB). Check option. 6QT. 1300 bet from the other guy. fold.
Q8o (SB). 2200 bet from button. fold.
45o. raise to 1k from 23k stack in EP. fold.
5To. fold.
300/600/50. M=10.
K6o. fold.
There are 3 m<5 stacks at the table spread evenly around.
K3o. Fold.
75o. fold.
T6o. Fold.
It is 12:40am. I should be in bed.
ATo UTG. Fold. Wimp? From the IHO phrasebook (buried in a long story): Question? Answer.
T2o (BB). Check with one limper ahead. board JJ723. check. 29k stack thinks then checks. check. check. check. I win against QT.
62o (SB) fold.
77. 1800. raise to 3000. all fold.
K5o. Fold.
82s. Fold.
TT. 3.5k allin. me all in with 17k. KQ against me. I hold up.
22k stack now. 18th of 125.
new table. stacks: 22k, 36k, 6k, 22k, 19k, 4k, 12k, 8k, 21k
6To. fold.
J5s. fold.
K3o. Fold.
77 (BB). folded to SB who completes. I raise to 3k. he goes all in 19k. I fold.
QJo (SB) folded to me. raise to 3k. BB goes all in 34k. I fold. he shows QQ.
Q7o. Fold.
15k stack. 46th of 108.
Kqo. Folded to one before me. he rases to 2222. I go all in 15k. folds back to him. he folds. 19k.
J5o. fold.
Q3o. fold.
500/1000/125. M=7. Big stack is 51k. Average stack is 17k. I have 19k.
35o. fold.
J9o. Fold.
Q8o. fold.
J3o (BB) fold to min raise from 26k stack in EP.
J2o (Sb). fold to 3k bet from 35k stack in ep.
AJo. hmmm. folds to me. all in. folds all around.
T2d. Fold.
ATo. folds to me. all in 19k. folds to bb 13k. he thinks then folds. 22k.M=8.
T4o. fold.
KTs. folds to me. all in 22k. called by AA with 19k. Board comes: 63982 three spades. I win.
J9o. fold.
79o. fold.
AKh. 36k stack raise to 4k. 20k stack goes all in. I fold. 36k calls with kq. allin had QQ 36k had KQ. QQ held.
J2o. fold.
QJo. (button). folds to me. raise to 5k. folds all around.
J6o. fold.
6th of 83. 600/1200/150. M=13
53o. fold.
QJo. Fold.
52d. Fold.
J9o. Fold.
92h. Fold.
58o (BB) fold to 10k allin.
53o (SB) fold to 7k all in followed by 22kallin. 77 against AK, 7 on the flop seals it.
A4o. fold to 12k all in.
K5o. fold to 4k bet from 36k stack.
AJh. fold to 15k all in. Question? Answer.
Q6o. fold.

40284. 8 of 70. M=9. Stacks ahead of me: 43k, 50k, 60k, 66k, 70k, 104k, 118k
stacks at my table: 40k, 39k, 10k, 28k, 40k, 23k, 19k, 13k, 18k

Q9c. fold. UTG+1.
T7o. fold.
9Td (BB) fold to SB. he thinks and folds.
K4c (SB). 18k stack raise to 7k. I fold.
84o. fold.
42o. Fold.
A7h. Folds to me. All in 40k. all fold.
58o. fold to 9k all in.
K6o. fold.
A8h. UTG. Fold. I am definitely a wimp it seems.
94o (BB). fold to 5k raise by 40k stack.
J3o (Sb). fold to 5k raise.
KTo. fold to 10k all in.
T3o. fold.
69o. fold.

1000/2000/250. M=7. 13 of 55. New Table.

K7o. Fold to 5k raise.
Hey, there’s the big stack 114k guy.
86s. Fold.
K4o. fold to 6k bet.
53o UTG. Fold.
KJo (BB). SB completes. I go all in,. he folds.
K9o (SB). 7k bet ahead by 114k stack. I fold.
QQ. 9k bet by 34k stack with k8. QQ holds. I am at 81k now. My heart is kind of pounding.
T3o. fold.
67o. fold.
92o. fold.
5th of 44.
J7s. fold.
Q9o. fold.
94o (BB) fold to 17k all in
58o (SB). fold to 6k bet from The Big Stack.
QTo.folds to me on the button. I raise to 8k. blinds fold.
J3o. fold to 7k bet.
74o. fold.
93o. Fold.

1200/2400/300 80758. M=13. 5th of 41.

Q9o. fold.
92d. Fold.
JTo (BB). SB completes. I check. both check the flop. J onthe turn. I bet 5k he folds.
AQo. Folded to me. 10k bet. BB folds.
63o. Fold.
Q8h. fold to 8k bet from The Big Stack.
42c. fold.
ATd. folds to me. 10k bet. folds to 8k stack. he thinks and folds.
K9o. fold.
A5o. fold

93k stack. 4th of 37.

24o (BB). fold to 6k bet from UTG (Vincent Gambini)
K9o (SB). fold to 8k bet from cutoff’s 70k stack.

1500/3000/400 M=12. 5th of 34.

AJo. folds to me on the button. bet 12k. all fold.
T7o. fold to 9k from The Big Stack.
Q5o. fold.

Small stack at the table is also small stack overall and has been all his time everytime hoping to get below 36 for the extra $20. He is there now and is all in on every hand with a 3k stack. 3 times and now he is at 12k.

Q2o. Fold.
35o. Fold.
94o. Fold.
82o. Fold.
AQo (BB). The Big Stack bet 9k. I raise to 25k. He folds.
38o. Fold.
Q6o. Fold.
93h. Fold.
7To. Fold.
92o. Fold.
36o. Fold.
Q9o (BB) folds to me
Q6o. fold to 12k bet.
75o. Fold.

2000/4000/500 M=9 4th of 26.

23o. Fold.
Q5o. Fold.
J5o. Fold.
J9o. Fold.
57h. Fold.
98h UTG. Fold.
K4o. fold to 67k all in.
A6h (Sb). fold to 15k bet.
QJo. fold to 87k all in.
59o. fold.
K7o. fold to 67k all in (87k above that lost AT to 44).
KQd. folded to me raise to 20k. folds all around.
46c. fold. QQ v. AQ. v TT. TT wins when a t hits the flop and triples up.
K2o. Fold.
7Td (BB). fold to 12k bet from Ep.
49d (Sb) folds to me. bet 20k. SB folds.
35o. fold to 50k all in followed by 100k all in. T9 v JJ. board comes AAKKQ for a chop.
35s. fold.
Q4o. fold.
36c. fold.
J8o. Fold.
The new Biog Stack is 188k now. Average is 77k. I have 103k. He sits on my right.
38o. fold.
57o (BB). fold.
A5o (SB). fold to 5k bet.
KQo on the button. all in. folds around.
JTs. fold to 15k bet from Mr. 188k.
89o. Fold.
J7o. Fold.
A7d vs KK i go all in with 102k get called by 50k. A7x on the flop for two pair.
92o (BB) fold.

On a break.

3000/6000/750 150k. 4th of 20. M=9.

I’m not bored any more, are you?

34o (SB). folds to me. raise to 20k. BB folds.
Q9o. fold.
46h. fold to 20k bet.
Q7o. fold
63o. fold
93o. fold
Q6c (BB) folds to me
94o. fold
K5h. fold
A9o. fold to 20k bet from Mr. Big.
5To. fold
85o. fold
A2o (BB) fold to 2kall in followed by 91k all in. A5 v A6 with a 6 on the flop.
48c fold to 56k all in
A9o fold to 58k bet from 100k stack
46h fold to 86k all in
J2o. fold
Q5o. fold
79o. fold
JTo UTG. fold

Folding these marginal hands because there are 4 30-60k stacks scattered around the table going all in a lot.

35o (BB) folds around to me
46o fold to 30k all in
5To fold

4000/8000/1000 m=7

J3o fold
J5d fold
T3o fold
59c fold
52o (BB) fold to 35k all in folled by 100k al in KK v A9. 55x on the flop.
Q2o fold
Q5o fold
56o fold
J3o fold
64o fold
8Tc (BB) 8th of 10. Folded to SB who completes. I check. Flop has Axx one club. Turn in Jc. Sb checks. I go all in. he folds.
82o fold
47o fold to 33k bet
5Th fold

5000/1000/1000 130k stack m=5 7th of 10

J7o fold
56o (BB) fold to 26k bet from 200k stack
J2h fold to 30k bet from 200k stack
77 on the button. all on 110k. folds around.
K5s fold to 30 bet from Mr. Big who showed KK

6th of 9

52o fold
34o (BB) walk in the park
T7o (SB) fold to 30k bet from 450k stack.

I have to get up and let the dog out before he pees on the carpet. I manage it between hands.

KKvQQ Mr450k against 100k. now there are 8. My hands are shaking.

2To. fold. [134k] now there are 7
J2d fold to 30k bet followed by 118k allin 77vAq not help. now there are 5
KTo. all in folds around.
AA allin folds around [173k)
A2c fold.
J8o (BB) walk in the park
36h (Sb) fold in fear of 250k BB
J3o fold.
There are two 50k stacks, a 900k, me at 200k
JJ all in folds around [200k]
Q5o fold
83o fold

down to 5

65o (BB) missing SB. fold to big bet from 900k stack
J8o fold to 46k all in and now there are 4

I am afraid to look at the payouts for fear it will make me more nervous.

75h fold.
J5o (BB) fold to 137k allin

I looked. 4th is 1700

T6o fold to 36k bet from Mr900k.
62c fold
KJo. all in. 149k called by Mr 400k with AJ. K on the turn and I have 300k.
KQo 35k bet from 260k stack I go all in he folds.
AKc I bet 200k all fold
Ako I 120k all fold
A5c I bet 60k all fold
Q4o (BB) fold to 100k all in follow bu all in from Mr, Big makes his flush and we are 3
KT bet 100k all fold
Q8c fold to 54k bet from Mr. Big

Nelson just woke up from sleeping on the couch and asked if I was crazy for being up so late. I asked him to come watch while I finished up. He does and is very excited.


A2s fold
73o fold

400km 200k 1M

Q8o fold to MrBig

99 (Sb) MrBig bets 62k I go all in for 380k. He thinks and thinks and calls with A7. A on the river and IGHN.

$2206.44 for 3rd.

Nelson went back to bed.

Mary is at work tonight. I sent her a text message:

Me: Played tournament got third of 1100 for $2200.
Mary: Is that $22.00 or $2200
Me: The big number
Mary: WOW

I am going to bed now.

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