CC's Bash

I made it to CC’s Bash tonight (the Jeep does not have to drive on the internet). I finished 7th out of 12.

The key hand for me was against 23Skidoo after which I was always short stack. We still had 6 people at the table. I am on the button, Skidoo is the big blind. I had KcQd, two folds, one limp, I raise to 4xBB, SB folds, Skidoo calls and the limper folds. Flop comes 9sKh3h. Skidoo bets 120 (a bit less than half pot). I raise to 350 and he calls. Ad on the turn and Skidoo bets 420 which is about half the pot and 3/4 my remaining stack. If figure if I’m calling I’m pushing and if I fold I have 15M. I fold. I can’t decide whether I made the right play or chickened out. Skidoo says he had KJ.

I did get to play the Hammer once after that. From the BB all fold to the SB who bets 3x. My stack is about 3/4 his. I push and he thinks for a bit before folding. While he was thinking I had time to switch my muck options so I could show the hand.

I might get to play at Skidoo’s tomorrow or at Kat’s Donkament (or both maybe?).

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