My Wife is the Greatest

May 28th was our 25th anniversary. I took a week plus off work spanning two weekends including Memorial Day to get almost 2 full weeks break. The first part of the trip was to Branson, MO for the wedding of Mary’s oldest niece. Mary and the kids drove out to Branson the week before to start helping with the wedding preparations. I flew out later to try to finish up some work, not burn too many vacation days, and to avoid as much of the pre-wedding work as possible (and it was a LOT of work).

The second part of the trip was to stop in Tunica on the way home so I could try out live poker and she could sleep a lot and relax without any pressing plans. My plan was to play as much as possible without losing the limited amount I had budgeted for a ‘bankroll’. Her plan was to sleep, watch a movie or two with the kids, and watch them at the pool. The kids’ plan was to have as much fun as possible while letting the adults make the most of our plans.

We all seemed happy with the plan and happy with the way it turned out.

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