I Owe You

My TT didn’t feel good with all the limpers. One or two of them had been limping or just calling with big pairs several times before this, too. So, feel pretty good on the flop. Not so good on the river. The good news is this is how I have died more often in tournaments lately than the way I died in the Donkament Friday.

I’m just saying that to make myself feel better about it.

Seat 1: Biskey ($9,038)
Seat 2: Jeff_J119 ($9,655)
Seat 3: riverdancer12 ($8,140)
Seat 4: xcarlitoxxx ($7,000)
Seat 6: butchhoward ($3,114)
Seat 7: Buffty ($2,720)
Seat 8: Areusl82 ($6,850)
Seat 9: tolate58 ($12,200)

xcarlitoxxx posts small blind $80
butchhoward posts BIG blind $160
Dealt To: butchhoward TcTs

FOLD Buffty
CALL Areusl82 ($160)
FOLD tolate58
CALL Biskey ($160)
CALL Jeff_J119 ($160)
CALL riverdancer12 ($160)
CALL xcarlitoxxx ($80)
CHECK butchhoward

FLOP: Td2hKd
Pot: $960

CHECK xcarlitoxxx
BET butchhoward ($350)
CALL Areusl82 ($350)
CALL Biskey ($350)
FOLD Jeff_J119
RAISE riverdancer12 ($1250)
FOLD xcarlitoxxx
RAISE butchhoward ($2954)
RAISE Areusl82 ($6690)
FOLD Biskey
FOLD riverdancer12
UNCALLED Areusl82 ($3736)

TURN: Td2hKd 8s
Pot: $8468

RIVER:Td2hKd 8s 2c
Pot: $8468

Areusl82: 2d2s
butchhoward: TcTs

Areusl82 collected $8468 from main pot with four of a kind, Twos

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