Post Migration

I migrated most of the Poker, gambling, fun, and excitement posts over from my other blog. I did not migrate the comments. I suppose were I a higher on the blogger food chain and using a professional, privately hosted tool, and hand hundreds or posts with thousands of comments generating tens of dollars of income, it might have been worth it. None of those is true, so a year’s worth copy-pasted by hand is what you get.

Sorry also about this tripping the vanity alarms for every post I reposted here. Good thing it was only 20 and not 2000 posts being moved to a new domain.

This is where I plan on writing about poker and other exciting adventures in reckless behavior. This is partly an experiment in writing more on more than one blog, messing about with ad revenue, and partly having a separate place where I can be a bit coarse with an easier out for that part of the family that does not want to read it.

Action’s on me? Here we go.

Imported from an old blog. Some links might be dead. Let me know if you find dead links.