WPBT Tick Tock

A bit over a year ago the girls went to Vegas and the boys stayed home. And I don’t mean ‘girls’ as in the wives took on the town; that was a gaggle of teenagers with a couple of chaperones.

This time the adults are going and the kids are staying home.

Mary and I are combining a long needed vacation with an anniversary trip of sorts. Since our anniversary is 28May it lands right in a really rotten time of year to do anything by ourselves. Kids and widely scattered family have lots of things happening right around that part of the year. Added to that this was the Great Job Disaster. Things are on track December will be a great time to go off on our own for a bit.

Mary seems very willing to mix in some adventures in Vegas with meeting some of these somewhat-invisible-internet folks. As reluctant as I usually am about going out in a crowd, I am looking forward to putting 3D, full-color, live action faces to some of the monikers I follow online. I just have to work really hard at splitting it fairly between Us-time, Mary-time, and poker-time while keeping in mind the IfMamaAintHappy1 rule.

So, here we come Winter 2009 WPBT Gathering. Be gentle, it’s our first time.

  •   IfMamaAintHappy Rule If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

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