Cashed Out

I cashed out the last bit of change that I had on Pokerstars. It was an amount large enough to pay for my wife and me to have nice burgers at The Counter perhaps, but not enough to do much else. I am not going to bother cashing out the 28 cents I have on FullTilt.

I also deleted the program icons from my desktop. I do not expect to play any online for 3-5 years as that business gets sorted out. I really wish the closest live (legal) poker wasn’t 7 hours away. But, then again, maybe that is for the best also.

For good news: My wife and I will be going to Kansas City for a wedding at the end of the month where, I have heard, they still have casinos that have not been sucked out of the state by tornadoes. I plan to play some while we are there.

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