One post a year is a good rate, yeah?

Otis and BadBlood organized an awesome weekend of gatherings, running, and a little poker. It was pretty amazing to be invited into the circle of far-flung internet friends. Each time I have been fortunate enough to get to one of the WPBT-ish gatherings, I have been astounded by the warmth and welcoming nature of this collection of people who, for the most part met, over the Intertubes.

This time out there was BBQ with some poker, an evening cookout and prep for racing, a day of racing  and cheering on racers, and then an evening of revelry. Mary and I enjoyed every minute of it, in our quiet way. We had good food, friendly conversations, and great companionship the entire time.

We walked our 5k race and finished in just under the 60 minute mark. Getting cheered by the Mastodon Crew as we went down the final stretch. Even though we walked, this was a major accomplishment for both of us and something I think will encourage us to continue getting in better shape. Having walked, we came in behind everyone running the 5k, but we got to see and cheer for the folks running the Half- and Full-marathons as they completed their runs. Everyone succeeded in every way that is important.

Thanks again to Otis, BadBlood, and all of the rest who come together to make this such a special group. Especially thank you all for inviting us to hang with the cool kids.

Hat tips:
Bad Blood

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