Garrin Benfield at Eddie's Attic

Last night Mary hounded me until I gave in for a night out with Leah and Johnny at Eddie’s Attic to listen to some music. She caught me when I was exhausted from back-to-back taekwondo classes and then used some guilt about how Johnny would be left out if I didn’t go along. One of my too-numerous personal quirks is that I usually don’t go anywhere there might be even a few other people. I am glad she was persistent this time because the music was great and the venue was comfortable for me.

Diane Maldavar, a friend of Leah's from Califonia who manages a few bands was on a stop with Garrin Benfield. This was a chance for Leah and Diane to catch up a bit with the added bonus of food and tunes. Eddie's Attic was a pleasant surprise. I expected a bigger, more crowded and smoky, but got small, intimate and smoke-free. The food was very good, but next time we will eat on the patio where, I assume, the tables are bigger.

Garrin was the opening act for Carolone Aiken. Rachael Davis was a surprise mini-opener for Garrin. I think Rachael just happened to be in the Attic as was called on to give a little sample. Rachael also suprised us with the volume that emitted from that tiny frame. Garrin's set was wonderful with good licks on the guitar, a beautiful voice, and great songs. Caroline had plenty of good tunes and a fun band. We got Garrin's album while there and will probably get CDs of the others soon.

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