Greg was going to a cricket match today and invited me along. Cricket is sort of like baseball. In some ways it is more exciting and in some ways less. It probably has a few more rules, but not by much. Americans probably think cricket is complicated and boring because most of us are chauvanistic idiots biased to believing everything American is better. Aussies and Brits probably encourage this belief in the complexity of Cricket for similar reasons or as a big joke on Americans. Certainly cricket matches are longer that baseball. Today's was a 'really short' match that was only scheduled to last 6 hours. 'Test' matches (equivalent to Major League games or Series, I think) are scheduled to last 5 days.

It was a mostly nice day. Sitting in the shade watching the game is a pretty good way to rest away a day. There was a break for lunch and a rain delay that made the game last until about 6pm. The only reason it was over that soon was the game was shortened from a 50-over game to a 41-over game for the home team's turn.

I get to ride the train tomorrow.

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