Deliver Code

Took the code to the customer site. There were some hiccups in the install, but after that it went well. Had lunch and watched the sessions run while writing some more code for the current release (the one I am not making much progress on while away).

We went to a food court at a mall nearby for lunch. It had a much better variety of food that the malls near work in Atlanta. I had a huge pile of Japanese food on rice.

One of the oddest things about being here is that there are so many things from the U.S.A. that I didn't expect to be here:

  • The anchor store for the mall is a Target
  • Domino's Pizza is here and delivers
  • Starbucks has coffee shops here

Some products here, of course, are the expected big names: Coke, Pepsi, McDonald's, Burger King.

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