Sunday Dinner - Ramen

We went with simple Ramen today. I cooked a nice pork roast as an easy ‘Chashu’, make some soft-boiled eggs, used store-bought beef and vegetable stock, some mushrooms, the tare I keep in the fridge, and the noodles we keep around. Super easy when most parts are already just waiting around to be put in the bowl and the other part as mostly cook-unattended things.

The kids showed up and we had good ramen.

This is the kind of easy dinner I like when I am recovering from an over exposure of people. My company had a Gathering Thursday and Friday. While it was good to see folks in person, both the ones I’ve worked with for years and the new folks, it is extremely draining for me. I was completely exhausted after the dinner on Thursday, the all-day group conversations during the day Friday, and then the dinner and concert at the Tabernacle Friday night (Collective Soul and Zac Brown Band). So exhausted that a basically did not move all day Saturday; just Netflix and Be Quietly Still.

So, an easy peasy Sunday Dinner was both a must and a joy.