The Five

These are the Five, and the Five are these. The least liked is first, but all are on the list. This is the entire known list, though there are two or three other candidates not yet confirmed.

Chocolate Mint

Your Thin Mints are safe. I will devour your chocolate and your mints separately, though.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Also all the cousins like Key Lime Pie.


And other Rotted Cabbage foods like Kimchi. Although, I do like the sweet sauerkrauts.


And maybe just pickled beets, because the roasted beet dish my son made was pretty good.

Hot dogs

Unless completely smothered in chili, cheese, onions, and relish.

This might seem strange given the very wide range of things that I not only have eaten, but like very much. I do not know why these trigger some resistance in me; they just do.

I will say that the above list will be put aside in a couple of cases. One is when I am a guest somewhere and that is the table spread. The second is when there really are no other options (which is kind of the broader class of the first case, I suppose).

I am, luckily, not allergic to anything that I know of and am generally willing to try most anything. I just try to avoid The Five when possible.