Well OK Then

This is what happens when your hosting provider goes bust without notice and you have not made a backup in over a year. I don’t post much, but have made a few in the last several weeks which have now gone into the bitbucket.  I’ll try to reconstitute some of them eventually.

Oh, well.

(ps: I was able to get access to the old server for long enough to grab a current backup. Maybe I’ll be able to use the data within to put the posts here. We’ll see.)

(pps: I grabbed the data from the old site,  manually edited the sql for the posts, and used it to restore the posts older than this one. Most are missing images which I might or might not re-edit in. How the ones that do have images do is a mystery. None of the restored posts have a Category; maybe I’ll fix that at some point. Let me know if you notice any weirdness in the older posts and maybe I’ll fix them. )